Intervale Green Rooftop Farm

A Bronx Urban Farm Sponsored by Women's Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDco)

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The rooftop farm gets ready for fall.

We were fortunate to have volunteers from New York Cares come up and help get the rooftop farm ready for fall. Gina, Nana, Thuy, Carina, Justin, and Kiah worked tirelessly in the August heat to ensure the farm continues to produce well into the colder months. We weeded, cleared some space, and planted fall crops.

WHEDco Summer 2014 141

We planted the second round of arugula, carrots, peas, and transplanted cabbage and kale.

babyarugula peashoots babykale

We’re not giving up on our late summer crops, even if it is September. The heat continues and the plants keep producing. The okra is about to explode with delicious pods and the strawberries are giving us their last hurrah!

babyokra       babystrawberries

And the rooftop tomatoes are nowhere near done!


Thank you to the New York Cares volunteers for all their hard work. I encourage you all to come back for our Fall Harvest Festival. Please stay tuned for more exciting news from the rooftop farm!