Intervale Green Rooftop Farm

A Bronx Urban Farm Sponsored by Women's Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDco)

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The Rooftop Farm Is Back In Action!

The rooftop farm at Intervale Green is up and running once again.  After a long, cold winter and a shaky start to the planting season, the plants are well on their way to another booming year on the roof.

tomatoes and skyline


The greenhouse was full of life during the last few weeks of winter.  These seedlings were periodically moved outside for a portion of the day to introduce them to their soon-to-be permanent environment, a process called “hardening off”.  The conditions on the roof are a drastic change from the controlled paradise that is the greenhouse. Only the strongest and most adaptable plants will be able to handle the conditions seven floors above the street.

greenhouse seedlings       greenhouse tomatoes


The tenant farmers have also been busy. After the success attained last season, everyone is dedicated to increasing their yield.

Manderville's plot  Mr. Neville's plot-early


I’d like to thank the volunteers from WHEDco: Erika, David, Alex, and Marc for getting the farm ready for planting. I’d also like to thank the volunteers from Greenberg Traurig for taking on the tedious task of weeding and clearing plots. Volunteer work is priceless on the rooftop farm and I invite the volunteers to come back to see how their work has benefited the farm.

Please stay tuned for more news from the Intervale Green Rooftop Farm. This season, we’ll tackle planting the Three Sisters: corn (maize), beans, and squash, as well as more rooftop watermelon and strawberries. There will also be the inevitable battle with the wind and fighting off powdery mildew. It looks like we’re in for an exciting season, so subscribe or check in regularly. Thank you and happy farming!