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A Bronx Urban Farm Sponsored by Women's Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDco)

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A heat wave, a greenhouse campaign, and peak summer harvest.

Things have been incredibly busy on the rooftop farm so far this summer. We made it through a brutal heat wave, we kicked off our greenhouse campaign, we had a Summer Harvest Festival, and through it all we harvested and harvested and harvested.


The Heat Wave:

The Northeast was hit with a nasty heat wave in the beginning of July which was followed by alternating monsoon rains and more days of over 100 degree (38 degree Centigrade) weather. Needless to say, the plants had a bit of a rough time. Flowering and fruit production slowed down, ripening of already developed fruit was interrupted, and the plants just looked stressed. Mulching helped to alleviate the stress to a certain degree and the fact that some of the taller plants shaded the smaller ones helped as well.

But everything turned out fine. The plants made a full recovery and are producing at an alarming rate. In the last four weeks we’ve harvested over 500 lbs. of produce for families of Intervale Green and our neighbors.


The Greenhouse Campaign:

WHEDco also kicked off the 10forbxfarm greenhouse campaign a few weeks ago to raise money to build a greenhouse in the courtyard of Intervale Green. The greenhouse would allow the tenants to enjoy fresh greens through the winter months. We were visited by NY1 on a beautiful and hot morning to interview us in order to spread the word about the campaign. By early afternoon, thanks to a generous donor and matching funds from Deutsche Bank, we had reached our initial goal and had enough funding for the greenhouse.

We are continuing our fundraising efforts to raise money for greenhouse lights, heaters, and growing equipment.  Please visit to donate $10 toward our goal.

Here are the links to the NY1 interviews to get a better idea of where your contribution is going.

Also in Spanish:

The Summer Harvest Festival:

WHEDco held their annual Summer Harvest Festival at Intervale Green last week, complete with activities for the whole family, cooking demonstrations, and an Iron Chef competition. Tenants and neighbors gathered to learn about urban farming, environmental care, and healthy life choices. ¬†Here’s a link to the event page where you’ll find great pictures of the celebration.


Bees love flowering coleus and the watermelons in the background seem to get bigger by the hour.

french marigolds

Cheers to my fellow farmers and gardeners! May your harvests be rewarding!