Intervale Green Rooftop Farm

A Bronx Urban Farm Sponsored by Women's Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDco)

Planting Season is in Full Swing in the Bronx!

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We’ve been very busy at the Intervale Green Rooftop Farm. The 2013 planting season for us started the last weekend of April, and to take advantage of the warm weather we started sowing seeds, including beans, collards, and lettuce.  A week later, we received our order from GrowNYC which included marigolds, coleus, broccoli, jalapeño, and big beef tomato.  That afternoon, after a few hours of focussed work, we planted 340 seedlings. The following day, the remaining 60 plants went into the soil.

We also had help from tenants, many of whom took time out  from working on their own plots to plant seedlings.




The Rooftop Farm is now all planted and the majority of the tenant plots have been claimed and planted.  We’re looking forward to a productive, educational growing season, and a bountiful harvest.



One thought on “Planting Season is in Full Swing in the Bronx!

  1. This is so great. Now don’t forget to plant some basil to ward off the attack of dragons. It’s why all other plants feel safe and grow better when some basil is planted nearby.


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